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I Remember

In Guest stories, Prose on August 10, 2012 at 4:36 am

My first memories are of growing up in northeastern Connecticut. The big house and lots of land to play in. Mom and the cook in the kitchen making meals, while my brother Michael and I were out on our odyssey du jour. Between my great-grandfather, great-aunt and great-uncle, we had over 500 acres that was our domain. This excludes the large state forest that surrounded the property. Ah, the good old days – to remember them is a blessing.

So, after chores, which everybody had to do, Michael set out for his safari with me in tow or tagging along. We often visited the pond during the summer and saw all sorts of exotic animals, from turtles, snapping and box, to crayfish, which you had to be very careful around so as not to be bitten. Snakes of all sorts – puffed adders to garden snakes, some more interesting than others. Even worms, ants, and bees held my fascination – to a young lad, it’s all very bewildering. Lest we forget, plants, flowers, trees and whatnot in the forest were greeted with keen interest.

In those days Connecticut got a fair amount of snow, and all four seasons brought joy and knowledge to my small world. Not a heck of a lot of people, but a world that I was safe and secure in. True, there were perilous possibilities around, anything from poison ivy to snakes, ants, bees and foxes, to name a few dangers. Like most rattlebrained boys I felt undaunted, as my family was tight and we’d take revenge on any creature that attacked us. Five bees would die for one that stung me. Later, i learned to respect bees’ nests, but not before I got a good dose of stingers.

As you can see, I remember some things from the past.

Joseph Negrelli


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