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The Beach

In Keeping hope alive on May 4, 2012 at 11:30 am

About eight years ago, I had my four smallest children at the beach. After we had enjoyed playing and eating, after I had given them swimming lessons, I was all packed and ready to take them home. As I turned to make sure that we were together, I looked and saw them all standing near the ocean shore.  They were holding hands as they stood in perfect stair fashion. Awesomely silent. I wish I had a camera. There is just something about that sight that I don’t believe I shall ever forget.

That summer moment that I love so much was abruptly interrupted when another child, who was playing with a large stick, ran by me and accidentally rapped me on the knuckles. It hurt badly. At the moment of impact of that stick on my hand, I realized how happy I had been for just a few seconds.

Donald Mackey


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