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Super Powers

In Guest stories, Keeping hope alive on April 20, 2012 at 2:30 pm

In so many ways, to ask what I would want in the way of superpowers is a waste of time, like asking oneself how one would live if one could live life all over again. But it is fun to wonder.

I was asked that question by a dating service.  I answered that, “I wish I could swing the hammer that would strike the blow that would clear up the mist of misunderstandings.” I was trying to impress my would-be dates. I was also trying to tell my would-be dates that I was a writer, with some charisma, I hoped. So maybe, what I should have given as my wish to have superpowers was simply to be a good writer – or to be a good date for the girl I was trying to impress.

I have since learned more about women who are impressed by such dramatic statements. When I have finished my masterpiece I find – too often – that what was intended as a message for the heart was received merely as an entertainment. So I was revealed to myself as an impostor, one at odds with himself, or – even worse – as a clown.

With one step backward I see now what I really want: I would like to be myself, to accept myself, and to feel accepted. This is as natural as looking through one’s eyes and yet as impossible as seeing the back of one’s head. It is the gift of grace that is rarer than radium, yet commoner than water. To be natural is to be blessed with a superior nature to be at one with oneself. The most supernatural power of all is the power to do what comes naturally.

Walter L. Schubert


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