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Good Ways to Waste Time

In Guest stories, Keeping hope alive on April 11, 2012 at 6:48 pm

This, is this a good way to waste time? Digging around in the topsoil for I’m not sure what. I’ve been thinking about how wrecked the earth can look after winter – limbs down, sticks caught in thickets, brown and broken. And what a shock it is every year – every year to see the greening of things, the softening.

Every year I’m going to learn the names of plants, the names of birds. Why not me? One good way to waste time – learn the names of birds. And who’s singing what. Even when you can’t see them but can hear them singing and chirping and yapping away in the morning, hidden in the trees before before breakfast, when they have the world to themselves.

The world going to the birds – thrilling. Just listen to all that non-human conversation. Funny how you pay attention to different things at different times in your life. The birds conversing all this time and I couldn’t care less – but now, somehow, I’m interested.

Judy Katz


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