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In Guest stories on April 6, 2012 at 1:00 pm

As a kid I loved Easter holidays, for the main reason that school was out for a couple of days and I got a chance to visit my siblings over the holidays. First there is this long trip to Atlantic City, a long boring car ride. When we get to my aunt’s house it’s all decorated with frou-frou stuff that’s not my bag. My bag is to go through the casinos. My uncle is a known gambler. He has won a lot of money and lost a lot of money. This particular incident I am going to tell you about is hilarious. This could only happen to a kid.

The Thursday before Good Friday, everybody got up and had breakfast. After that, we went for a walk on the boardwalk. After a long walk we were tired, so we had some hot dogs and soda just to rest for a while. My uncle came up with this brilliant idea to stop in the Showboat casino. My uncle said to us – there were three minors with him at the time – stay with him the whole time because we were not allowed to wander alone in the casino. We agreed. His game was craps. After a while it became boring. He saw that we were bored so he moved on to the machines. This was fun to us, although he told us we were not to touch the machines. He put some money in and started playing for about 15 minutes. Nothing happened. A friend of his came by and they began talking, so my cousin Jackie said to me, “What are all these buttons?”

I said, “I don’t know. Let’s try one and see what happens.”

She pressed a button on top and one on the bottom. The next thing we knew, bells rang and lights flashed and people started looking in our direction. I took about four giant steps back from the slot machine, leaving Jackie standing by the machine. My uncle immediately hugged Jackie, kissed her.

I said, “She did it!”

He said, ‘She did good!”

I said, “She broke the machine and she did good?”

He said, “No, stupid, she just won me $100,000 and I am going to buy her a new dress.”

I felt stupid because I was the oldest, and I thought it was my job to be the hero. The rest of Easter that year I was sad. I felt this was the worst time of my life. Before I left for home, I bit all the ears of all of the chocolate bunnies I could get ahold of, put them back in the box, and I smiled.

George Cousins


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