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In Guest stories on March 12, 2012 at 11:30 am

The last job I had was handing out flyers for a men’s store in Lower Manhattan. Passing out flyers is not an easy task. Some people take them while some people ignore you. Well, this is a day I’ll never forget.

It started out with my friend Sophie who sells hot dogs on the corner. She had just told me her son was going away to camp upstate, then I started handing out the flyers. I noticed an old man coming toward me with a Wiz shopping bag in one hand. I said that shopping bag had to be an antique since the Wiz had been out of business for years. In the other hand he had a container of coffee, which he sipped. He stopped briefly at the newsstand to read the headlines of the morning paper. Then he came toward me and said, “Yo man, what you got there?” I told him I was handing out flyers for a men’s clothing store and I gave him one. he got as far as the corner and he came back to me and asked where the store was located. I told him.

The rest of the day went fine until I went on my break for lunch. You see, I was wearing a sandwich board that said “Men’s Suits,” so I had to go back to the store to put it down. This is where my story begins.

When I got to the store, I saw suits off racks and thrown all over. I thought we had been robbed and I asked the salesman what happened. He said, “Thank you for sending in a customer.”

I said, “What customer?”

Just then, the old man I had given the flyer to emerged from the dressing room. This was a sight. He was wearing a Hugo Boss white tuxedo shirt. I could not believe my eyes. I put both my hands to my face and said “Wow.” It was as if he stepped out of a magazine. The salesman took a picture of him. He could not believe how the old man had looked when we saw him first: he had on a wrinkled shirt, a bow tie, and a plaid jacket. It was like night and day. You could tell when he was younger he was a sharp dresser. He told us his son, from whom he was estranged, was getting married in a couple of weeks and he was invited to the wedding. Anyway, he bought five Hugo Boss tuxedos for the wedding party, including his son. He spent over $6,000 on suits and accessories. There is more to the story but I hear I only have eight minutes left. This goes to show you old folks can be hip.

George Cousins


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